Ramaer produces for medical electronics, healthcare, diagnostics, monitoring and therapy systems.

Our ongoing investment ensures we conform to the recognised industry standard, gives us total control over the manufacturing process and provides you with complete visibility and traceability.

Ramaer Customers

Philips Healthcare
High Multilayer count

Siemens Medical
High Multilayer count


Industrial and instrumentation equipment manufacturers are under strong competitive pressure to reduce costs and time to market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Ramaer’ skilled and experienced team consistently helps our customer meet these challenges.

Ramaer Customers

High layer count
Flex rigid boards
Controlled Impedance

Phoenix Contact
Complex contours
Thin Laminates
High Density Interconnections (HDI)


In the energy sector, Ramaer is an strategic supplier of advanced-technology, medium- to high-volume printed circuit boards towards the industry.

Our quality, service and technology set us apart.

We support the full range of our energy customers’ PCB needs – from prototypes and QTAs to high-volume production and from low layer-count products to high built copper technology.

Ramaer Customers

Siemens Energy
High Copper built
High layer count

Electronic Contract Manufacturers

The methods and processes we have developed to supply the ECM industry are used throughout our whole organisation.

Manufacturing processes designed to deliver quality and stringent testing procedures without additional cost to you. It’s because we use FMEA and SPC techniques and operate a 5S factory that high quality with minimal cost comes as standard.

Ramaer Customers



Neways Electronics



Superior reliability is the overriding issue for military and aerospace electronics. Regardless of application they must perform in the most extreme environment and hazardous situations. Product failure is not an option.

As military and aerospace electronics are reduced in size to increase functionality and reduce weight, they incorporate new technologies that need to be thoroughly tested and proven reliable. These new processes must be characterized “stable and controlled” before they can be implemented in mission-critical applications.

Ramaer Customers

High layer count
Controlled Impedance

Fokker Aerospace
Flex boards