Elco Netherlands

The philosophy of Elco Netherlands is “Experts through experience”.

This applies to all aspects of workflow: sales, technical analysis, research, production, automated processes, quality control and company management.
Our Mission is to ensure continuity for customers, employees and suppliers by producing superior products, solutions and services by anticipating Technological and Logistical needs in the PCB market.



Elco Netherlands belongs to Elco Group, leader in PCB manufacturing since 1970 with its main company ELCO PCB, a strong organisation with plants and offices located in Italy, France, Spain, China and The Netherlands.

Elco Group holds a strategic, proactive and innovative role in the interpretation of new business models to create growth and synergy of activities of all participating companies.

Products & Capabilities

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PCB samples up to 0.5 m²




As a PCB manufacturer we focus on QLTC performance which is the lifeline of our company. QLTC is short for Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs. With our competences and knowledge we are able to produce your pcb’s according to this approach.


  • ISO 9001 – ISO 14001
    EN 9100 – AS 9100
  • SPC – FMEA – 5S –
    8D compliant handling


  • DS-ML 36-FR 20-Flex 6
    (UL certification)
  • 3/3 mil – 100 μm via’s –
    50μm/65mm – AR 14


  • 3–10 days QTA /
    3-5 weeks volume / VMI
  • Batch sizes 1 – 10.000 pcs


  • Europe Competitive pricing
    ML6 + High mix < 10m²
  • China Competitive pricing
    DS/ML4 High volume


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Contact Info

Phone: +31 492 58 49 11

Fax: +31 492 55 09 75

Email: elco-netherlands@elco-group.com

Location: Vossenbeemd 101, 5705 CL Helmond

Postal address: P.O. Box 825, 5700 AV Helmond, The Netherlands